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Individual Services
Peparing and filing your own tax returns can be time consuming, confusing and intimidating. Our clients realize that it is well worth our very affordable rates to have their returns prepared and reviewed by an experienced professional. Tax laws change frequently and we make it our business to stay on top of the changes, and advise our clients accordingly to minimize tax liability while keeping in full compliance of all applicable tax laws.     


Income Tax Returns:                   Your personal Income Tax Returns are prepared in accordance with all 
                                                           applicable Federal, State (all states) and City tax laws. We communicate with
                                                           our clients to ensure that all income, deductions and credits are reported 
                                                           completely and accurately to minimize their tax liability.

Income Tax Planning:                  Not only do tax laws change frequently, but often times an individual's tax 
                                                            situation changes and no one notices until it is time to file. We ask the right 
                                                            questions of our clients to help foresee and prepare for future tax changes. 
                                                            Knowing that your personal tax advisor is just a phone call away year-round  
                                                            is an invaluable part of our service.

Tax Disputes/Resolutions:         
Facing the IRS or State tax agencies alone can be like going to court 
without an attorney. When we prepare your tax return, you can rest assured 
                                                            that we will be there to answer any inquiries that may come from a tax  
                                                            agency. If you have an issue with a return that we did not prepare, we can 
                                                            review your situation and help you take the appropriate course of action.  



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