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       AllGood Accounting & Tax Services
provides professional tax and accounting
     services to businesses and individuals at very reasonable rates. We focus on tax 
     and are also well-rounded in small business operation and finance. Our mission is  
     to provide expert-level personalized services at prices that are practical for small
     businesses and cost-concious individuals.    

                        Business Services Offered                                       Individual Services Offered

                        -Monthly Bookkeeping/Accounting                               -Income Tax Returns
                        -Business Income Tax Returns                                     -Income Tax Planning
                        -Sales Tax Returns                                                        -Tax Disputes and Representation
                        -Payroll Tax Returns
                        -Payroll Services
                        -Business Start-up and Incorporation/Organization
                        -Tax Planning
                        -Business Consulting

                                                               AllGood Accounting & Tax Services
                                                                            P.O. Box 6177
                                                                    Chandler, AZ  85246-6177
                                                                      OFFICE: 480-699-3345
                                                                         FAX: 480-993-3508


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